Kentucky Derby Hats by Headturners - Our Story - Lexington, KY
About Headturners
Sisters, Margalee Turner Conlee and Melissa Diane Turner, have been designing women's Derby hats for several years.  With great response to their attention getting "Headturners" and the encouragement of friends and family, they decided to market their designs.  Margalee and Melissa use creativity to design truly unique Derby hat masterpieces.  Their very different personalities create a balance for exquisite design.  With their love of the Kentucky Derby and hat design, they enjoy working together so that others can experience wearing a show-stopping "Headturner".  
After all, it's all about the hat! 

Margalee and Melissa with mother, Linda at Derby breakfast.Melissa, ready to watch the horses race!Margalee, enjoying the races!Sister duo, Margalee and Melissa, Derby 2010